LuvSick Fleece

  • Reliable

    Feels like your favorite cozy sweatshirt that you want to reach for every day

  • Velvety

    It's not just about what's on the inside; this fabric has a cotton exterior that is buttery soft

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What does Luvher Boy Represent?


  • Confidence

    While confidence is rooted within, some days it can be harder to find. Wearing your favorite outfit, can change that. Luvher Boy aims to be apart of that piece of confidence you gravitate to, knowing you will instantly feel like your best self.

  • Community

    Your voice matters. Our community is transcending social media by bringing like-minded people together for genuine friendships. At our core, Luvher Boy aims to make a true connection with each customer.

  • Authenticity

    At Luvher Boy, differences are celebrated. This is reflected in the extended sizes and attention to detail, in each garment created. In an age of portraying only the highlights on social media, we believe being vulnerable is as crucial as ever.

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