Pathological Narcicisst Origins

Pathological Narcicisst Origins

This has been a long time coming…

Being called a pathological narcissist by an ex has always stuck with me and while it seemed funny at the time, it truly did hurt me. Taking back something that hurts you and turning it into something purposeful is the whole meaning behind this piece.

This crewneck promotes confidence and authenticity at its finest. I have been developing this crewneck for what seemed like ages, but really, it’s just been the past year. But in that time, I have realized the importance of growing a brand that emphasizes community and more specifically, one that focuses on inclusivity and vulnerability.

A pattern in my daily journals actually led me to starting this journey. A few months ago, I read back some old entries and noticed for months, I kept journaling this same sense of unhappiness towards selling boutique clothes. Clothes that exclusively were sizes “small, medium, and large”, and somehow always missed the mark. I had known for a long-time that creating my own design was something I wanted to do, but I just needed to take that leap of faith.

Before I even got a chance to start designing, it was as if the opportunity came to me. A manufacturer I had reached out to months prior (who didn’t even have my phone number), texted me about deadlines regarding the new year. That was the sign I needed to pursue my dreams and I haven’t looked back since.

Throughout the process of designing this crewneck, I had a few other signs but I wanted to share a special one in particular with you. Originally the color of the sweatshirt was going to be bubblegum pink. But I was listening to a podcast that made me second guess myself. They mentioned researching color theory and trend forecasting to back-up your color choice. That’s when I decided to go with a darker, moodier pink. And what do you know, the next day, it was chosen as the Pantone Color of 2023.

So where does "Sponsored by Narcissism" come into play? Well as you read, the narcissism portion is a reference to the name I was called in highschool, but the sponsored portion is a reference to social media. Nowadays it seems everyone is sponsored by something or someone, that it becomes hard to decipher peoples true motives. And the same can be said towards relationships.

All of these signs were the empowerment I needed to pursue my dreams. I created this sweatshirt to give you the empowerment you need to pursue your dreams. I thought this crewneck’s origins could be related to by so many and I wanted you show you that taking risks is encouraged and to say “F, U” to those who don’t believe in you, because Luvher Boy does.

- Cora Sanfilippo

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