Where did "Luvher Boy" come from?

Where did "Luvher Boy" come from?

Would you believe me if I said, I hated the name Luvher Boy at first?

I knew I wanted my store name to relate to something I loved. I tried my best friends name, baby names I had saved, even household objects. I finally asked myself what is my favorite item in my closet. The answer was simple, a “baker boy” hat. I thought the name was a bit strange for a clothing brand, so I morphed it into “Luvher Boy”, and the minute I said it out loud, it was playing on repeat in my head for days. I knew I had to go with it.

Ironically, a few months later, I was actually embarrassed I chose that name. I was like what even is a “Luvher Boy”? I honestly had a similar experience to my personal name growing up as well, “Cora”. It was so unique and still is, that I never saw it anywhere while growing up. It made me feel like an outcast because all my friends and classmates had very popular names.

It wasn't until I got to college that I realized a unique name had its perks. I was constantly getting complimented on it and people had an easy time remembering it. Most of all, it made me standout and feel special. A few months after naming my store Luvher Boy, I remembered how awesome it really is to have a unique name and started to celebrate it. I really leaned in to the name and no longer felt embarrassed by it. 

As for how I chose the spelling, as simple as the correct spelling is, “Lover Boy”, it would have costed me 15k for the website username. When searching for an alternative name, a suggested spelling popped up, “Luvher” as we all know it today. Something about it felt super cool and struck something in me. It was a mix of feminine and masculine features and I couldn’t be happier with the name today.

Moral of the story, being unique is cool.

-Cora Sanfilippo


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