Brand Story

Who is Luvher Boy?

In 3 simple words: Confidence, Community and Authenticity
The name, Luvher Boy is a play on words… imagine someone saying “Love Her, Boy”. It’s a promise to always love yourself and others. Created in 2021, in a college apartment, Luvher Boy has evolved to what it is today- a community that flourishes in bold style and unapologetic confidence.
Luvher Boy’s intentions are to create pieces that are reliable, relatable and dependable. Our pieces are made with our customers in mind. We aim to enhance what makes them confident; whether it’s a new found confidence or already existing. We proudly offer a wide range of sizes to promote inclusivity.
Our community is transcending social media by bringing people together through acceptance and empowerment for genuine relationships. We believe being vulnerable is as crucial as ever. That is why, as a brand we promise to always be our most authentic self and we aim to build a community with like-minded individuals.
Some days are good and others are bad, but everyday can better wearing Luvher Boy.