What currency are your prices listed in?

All prices are $ US Dollars.

When do we restock sold out items?

We currently are not trying to restock sold out items, as they are hard to get back in stock for us at Luvher Boy. If you see an item you love that is out of stock in your size, send us a DM @luvherboyofficial and we can see what we can do!

Do you ship internationally?

We do not currently ship internationally. In the future, we do plan to ship internationally and will update and announce as soon as that is possible.

Are we still shipping due to COVID-19?

Yes, we are, and we hold no liability nor responsibility of contraction of COVID-19 from purchasing the products from Luvher Boy. We are at Luvher Boy are doing our best to keep everything as safe and COVID-19 free as possible for our customers.

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